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  • February 6, 2016

Recycling may be a possibility for Eloy

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Posted: Thursday, January 2, 2014 1:00 am

In a recent powwow, members of an ad hoc committee from Robson Ranch met with two representatives from the city of Eloy.

Joseph Nagy, city of Eloy Mayor and Robson Ranch resident, and Interim City Manager Harvey Krauss met with Steve Haber and Marv Enerson last Thursday to discuss the ad hoc committee proposal that the city begin trash recycling.

The four were all aware that this is not the first time the issue of recycling trash has been proposed for the city of Eloy.

In fact, Krauss, who is also the community development department director for the city said that he has already been in contact with the contractor who provides the trash service in Eloy, Right Away Disposal (RAD).

While the contract with RAD that is up for renewal in February 2013 will include a recycling proposal, Krauss said he won’t wait for the contract renewal and has already requested a recycling proposal from RAD.

Nagy, Haber and Enerson pointed out that they, like many other residents in Robson Ranch, already engage in recycling by collecting cans and other recyclables to benefit Girl Scouts and overseas troops. In addition, they return plastic grocery bags to Wal-Mart or other stores, and always have an eye out for a place to recycle cardboard.

“This is in our blood,” Nagy said. The ad hoc committee is more than ready to see recycling happen in Robson Ranch and Eloy, and suggested the city could roll out a recycling program in Robson Ranch if it wanted to begin in phases.

Krauss said that could be a possibility, and agreed that recycling should be a win-win for everyone. But, in spite of the urgency that the ad hoc committee feels for recycling to start happening in Robson Ranch now, he added “I’ve got to look at the whole city, not just Robson Ranch.”

What it really comes down to, Krauss explained, is reaching an agreement with RAD that will be workable for the company as well as the city.

According to Krauss, Eloy residents get curb side trash pick up twice a week right now. Some of the proposals that the ad hoc committee came up with included converting one of the trash pick up days to recycling, having a second, different colored can for recycling, keeping the cost of trash and recycling pick up the same as it is now, and ideas on how the cost for a second can could be handled.

They also wondered if RAD would require a minimum number of homeowners to participate. Krauss responded that “It’s all or nothing,” He stated that it would not be efficient or economical to provide recycling to anything less than the entire city of residents who get curb side pick up.

Krauss also emphasized that efficiency and economics would play a large role in making recycling happen in Eloy. He pointed out that RAD has recently implemented recycling in Florence. And that the recycled materials are then transported to another area such as Chandler. Much will likely depend on RAD’s proposal.

However, efficiency in recycling is a reality on the consumer level now. While residents would of course have to separate regular trash from recyclables, the recyclables would not have to be sorted. Paper, plastic containers, glass and metal could all be put into the recycling bin. Later, at a transfer station, workers would sort the items further and separate the four main types of recyclables.

The recycled items are prepped and then sent to manufacturers to be made into new products such as pulp for paper and cardboard, clothing, and new plastic bottles.

The ad hoc committee reps pointed out that Arizona City has a place for residents to drop off recyclables, but that the Robson Ranch community, which is still under the jurisdiction of the developer, and not a resident HOA, fears that such a site would be too messy. Haber reported, however, that at a recent HOA meeting, Robson reps said they would be in agreement to having recycling containers in addition to trash containers.

Still focusing on economics Krauss said that recycling would be beneficial to the city by reducing the amount of waste taken to the Eloy landfill and thereby extending the life of the dump. Other factors include income for salvaging the recyclables, and fewer trips to the landfill.

Some of those economies may include having trash picked up only once per week instead of twice, and having the trash and recycling picked up on the same day. Big families who find that isn’t adequate trash pick up may be able to get a larger or second trash container.

At this point recycling for Eloy is still in the talking stages, but Krauss seemed hopeful that it would work in Eloy. Another aspect to make recycling work is education, he said. “You’ve got to get people to understand the value of it.” In addition there will be a period of learning what to recycle or not recycle.

One of the issues that Haber and Enerson brought up was the cost of the new recycling cans and how that would be paid for. “I would prefer not to burden the homeowners” with the cost Krauss said. “It’s all about economics,” he said of recycling happening in Eloy any time in the near future.

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