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  • May 5, 2016

Grant to pay costs to keep school dry

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Posted: Thursday, December 6, 2012 8:50 am

A $1.8 million grant is expected to cover the costs for work to stop rain from seeping through the walls and roof at Casa Grande Union High School.

The high school district received the grant funds from the Arizona School Facilities Board.

The grant will allow the district to “seal and paint the entire campus,” Facilities Manager Tim Mace told the Governing Board members at Tuesday’s meeting.

Before he was employed by the school district, Mace said he had noticed that CGUHS’s block walls were 12 different colors from absorbing water. By his first board meeting, the gym roof had leaked and the hardwood floor had to be replaced.

“I thought that was a pretty big problem, so I worked with the SFB,” he said, “and kind of developed a relationship, and they awarded that project.”

After the roof was sealed and tested with water from a hose, moisture still seeped in through the block.

“And, that’s a big deal with mold,” Mace said. “That is a high priority.”

Working with the School Facilities Board, Mace said he learned what was available to schools and started submitting grant applications. As part of the application to seal the block walls, he made a video on his cellphone of a test that involved pouring water into a small test tube attached to a wall to see how porous it was.

“We couldn’t pour water in that tube fast enough,” he said, “It just soaked right into our building.”

Mace said he applied for a grant to seal all the roofs with elastomeric coating — a rubber-like protective membrane — because the campus opened in 1997 and the roofs have had repeated repairs since then.

“This roofing, it reaches a point where you can’t coat it anymore,” he said.

Superintendent Shannon Goodsell said Mace is a visionary when it comes to how school facilities should look and operate.

“He does not wait for a problem to be identified,” Goodsell said. He looks for problems and finds solutions.

On Wednesday Goodsell said Mace is working with the School Facilities Board to see if it will approve three paint colors for the campus.

One option might be to paint the bottom one-third of all the buildings one color, the middle one-third an accent color and the top third of the buildings a third color.

Another option might be to paint different sections of the campus different colors, the way some new apartment complexes are painted.

Goodsell said once they know what the SFB will approve, he, Mace and CGUHS Principal Chris Paulson may limit the color scheme to a handful of possibilities and appoint a committee to make the final decision.

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